samedi 17 octobre 2009

Io Language Libraries and Tools

Because of its too short name, it's quite hard to find resources for Io language. Besides, I never found some kind of "libraries central" for it (as it exists in other languages like Perl or Ruby for example). Io official website also lacks of links, or some are obsolete...

So, this post is an attempt to simply list existing libs and tools for Io language and provide links to them, with minimalist descriptions.

You are really encouraged to notify me (via the comments for example) missing libs or tools, or to use  this raw list for a possible centralization of Io resources (This is what CC licences are for).

  • IoFE - An alternative command line interface to the IoVM interpreter [old ?]
  • IoWiki - A simple wiki written in Io (sources)
  • Backpacking - An Io web framework [old ?]
  • Ike - Rake (Make in Ruby) in Io [several repos]
  • Jim - An IRC bot in Io
  • Muun - A multi-user unified network
  • Iota - A tiny web app framework in Io [old ?]
  • Yown - A little web framework for Io (initially developed by _why) [several repos/forks]
  • Io-snippets - Snippets for Io
  • Icis - An Io continuous integration server
  • couchDB-io-viewserver - A couchDB viewserver in Io [old ? - Ok ?]
  • Io-SCGI - An SCGI implementation for Io
  • Chordal - An Io library to generate chords [???]
  • Io-Pack - A pack/unpack implementation for Io
  • Iospec2 - An RSpec-like tool (behavior driven development) for Io [several repos]
  • Io-Stuff - Little utilities for Io [Ok ?]
  • Io-JSON - A simple json pack/unpack for Io
  • Beanstalk-client-io - A beanstalk client library
  • IoSVN - Subversion Io language add-on
  • iorm - A minimalistic ORM [Ok ?]
  • IoPackage - Io code package manager based on Git repositories
  • Generys - Web framework in Io [Ok ?]
  • Netz - A simple webserver abstraction layer for Io [Ok ? New]
  • couchDB-Io - Io library for CouchDB [New]
  • IoGraphViz - Binding for GraphViz [New]

Not found:

  • IoGTK
  • ModIo
  • IoL4
  • It (by Pixar studios)

Last update: 17th October 2009

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